Language courses

Knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, is an important professional quality in the modern world.

Working abroad or with foreign partners is unthinkable without English proficiency at a high enough level.

A travel require at least basic knowledge. In addition, when applying for an interesting and high-paying job, the English language is a huge advantage of the applicant.

In this regard, we are pleased to offer you a unique method developed by our teachers, based on the use of special training programs and advanced learning technologies with the use of audio and video.

Our center is fully and professionally trained almost all world languages and State:

English (all levels from Elementary to Advanced, Conversational English, Business English, English for Kids - Funny English for Kids, preparation for TOEFL, IELTS).







Kazakh (Elementary and clerical)

Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers KAU as well as native speakers.

We will be happy to determine the level using the test, the results of which you are enrolled in a group according to the level of training, or arrange for private lessons.

We offer:

Corporate English courses on-site at the company - to employees dynamically developing companies with access to the international market. In this training program is based on the industry sector organization.

Individual lessons - the format of individual learning can effectively address the various challenges faced by each individual student, will increase the overall level of foreign language knowledge, work out some problematic aspects, prepare to pass a certification exam, master the program of business or professional language, to reach the level required to work or traveling abroad, improve communication skills, etc.

Group courses at least 6 people and 12 people - we have developed a technique not only focus on significant increase of knowledge, but also to empower communication in English. The learning process becomes informative and interesting. Classes are structured in such a way that each student took an active part in the conversation, improving speaking skills and literacy.

English for children (Funny English for Kids) - a unique method of removing the language barrier in children. Classes are held in the form of a game and do not require homework, which is very important for congested lessons pupils. On the lessons of the children not only learn a foreign language, but also familiar with the foreign culture.